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Specialized Telemedicine For Medical Tourism

A unique one-of-the-kind telemedicine services for medical tourism facilitating safe and secured cross-border interaction and consultation between patients, providers, and facilitators from all over the world. We aim convenient and superior service delivery where everybody’s healthcare-related needs are met with utmost satisfaction.


A comprehensive platform listing board-certified physicians, accredited facilities, and authorised facilitators from all over the world.


Enhanced patient experience and convenience with enough free-to-choose options from the comprehensive list of physicians, providers, facilitators, and destinations.


A great connecting platform for providers to reach out to potential consumers and expand their customer base.

Accessible From Everywhere

Your desktop, tablet and smartphone

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Dr Prem Telemedicine

The Most Affordable Telemedicine Solution

We’ve made telemedicine simple and easy for you. Get your software and start practicing telemedicine today
Making the best of medical tourism with minimum physical travel and other associated costs. Zero stress, more convenience, and best outcomes.

A specialized supporting module to add to the convenience of patients and providers.

Medical Tourism Facilitator Module

Medical tourism facilitators can:

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Global Healthcare Marketing, Promotion, Strategy, Merger & Acquisition and Partnership

Special Module for Medical Tourists

DrPremTelemedicine is meant to support all small and big needs of global patients looking beyond the border medical treatments.
Medical Tourist

Why DrPremTelemedicine?

Your Healthcare And Business-Related Needs And Queries Conveniently Solved Under the Same Roof
A vast platform allowing you to derive the best telemedicine benefits promptly. Fearing crowding the clinic? Get your telehealth appointment right now. Looking for a suitable hospital/clinic? Get the right one at a single tap or mouse click. Seeking business consultations for your healthcare facility? Want to reach out to potential healthcare consumers? Get your solutions right now! With provider numbers multiplying fast, finding the right one is tough. How to get your needs evaluated? DrPremtelemedicine has end-to-end solutions for everything. No pains but only gains!

Instant reliable information sparing you from time-consuming search

Any kind of service or support you need, you have it with DrPremtelemedicine in split seconds. Added bonus is the reliability factor, crucial in healthcare-related matters. No more wasting valuable man-hours to dig out reliable info. With this unique telemedicine platform, you get connected fast to reliable parties who would help resolving your problem. Right from fixing doctor consultation, hospital, clinics to treatment planning at your location or beyond the border, all consumers could derive the best outcome. For any simple health-related information, you get reliable answers from medical professionals. For healthcare business and training, the platform supports you with great connections related to certification programs, workshops, or building relationships with top-performing facilitators, practitioners and therapists

Flexibility and easy-to-use tools for added convenience

DrPrem telemedicine helps you to exercise your flexibility backed by specific tools for your decision-making. With our advanced AI-powered tools, you get what you desire in just a few seconds. Whether you need a specific treatment, a specialist from a particular location, or a facility in your home country and abroad, our digital tools will connect you with the reliable resource or person. If you are unsure of your needs and decision, you can choose to avail of our guidance or expert advice.

Unmatched Expertise

DrPremtelemedicine facilitates the collaboration of a vast range of global knowledge, skills, and expertise. This one-of-its-kind telemedicine platform helps consumers or providers get connected with renowned experts and specialists from healthcare and business for relevant services. A robust interdisciplinary team of experts and visionary leaders of Dr Prem & Associates has been instrumental in creating and managing such a vast multifaceted platform. Displaying the highest level of professionalism and responsiveness, the team is vigilant in monitoring all activities. With years of experience in providing high-level customer service in healthcare and medical tourism consultancy, DrPrem telemedicine ensures fair and quality service and outcomes for whatever healthcare-related need a customer asks for.

What Do We Do?

One of the top telemedicine companies, DrPremtelemedicine connects and enables patients, providers, innovators for better accessibility of quality healthcare services and healthcare business solutions virtually through live online audio/video sessions. This is supported by:

How Do We Help?

DrPrem telemedicine ensures the smartest telemedicine services so that you get the best outcome or experience with zero hassles. We help to:



Medical Consultation

Easy access to varied options for medical consultations in your location or beyond the border. Be it for any urgent healthcare need, chronic condition, or elective procedures, get connected with the choicest physicians/specialists in just a few clicks. Not sure of making the selection? Our expert team will help you in the entire treatment planning and execution support.

Guidance on Holistic Health & Wellness

Not only the sick but also healthy individuals need to take a holistic approach to health to avoid bigger pains. Get connected with globally-renowned healthcare experts and wellness coaches for specific need-based guidance on lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise. Know your genetic makeup, predisposition to certain ailments, and other risk factors. Be on your wellness track through regular follow up consultations

Find Your Doctor

Finding the right specialist for your specific problem is not always easy. You may need to look for options beyond your hometown or country. Find the right doctor from the extensive list of licensed and board-certified physicians, experts, and specialists not only from your location but all over the world. Not confident in your choice? We extend ou support with necessary consultation and selection.

Find Your Provider/ Facility

Select from the extensive list of accredited facilities, clinics, super specialty hospitals and centers from all over the world. Manned by educated and experienced specialists, these clinics adhere to safety protocols and treatment guidelines ensuring 100% patient safety and best outcomes. Reach out to us for further support in decision-making.

Choose Your Destination

Get connected to the right destination factoring in all your needs and health condition. Make your choice from the extensive options. You can get your treatment done peacefully and experience the best outcome. If you have made up your mind to get the treatment done in a specific facility in a specific city or country, you can connect with it easily.

Integrative and complementary Medicine

Integrative and complementary medicine can facilitate healing and make our lives better if done rightly. Check our list of accredited facilities, hospitals, clinics, physicians, and caregivers offering integrative and complementary medicine. You can either select from the listed authorised and certified providers or seek our assistance.

Medical Tourism Planning

Proper planning is essential for you experience the best of both – treatment and tourism. This unique telemedicine solution helps you in smart planning with the right contacts for a fulfilling medical tourism venture anywhere in the world you choose to. Quality support regarding facility and doctor selection and all sorts of travel and tourism arrangements. Reach out to us for preliminary idea and guidance.

Grow And Manage Your Healthcare Business

Get connected with reputed business consultants, global healthcare leaders, and visionaries who can help you with need-based customized solutions where outcomes are ensured. Whether you are looking for efficiency-enhancement of your business or diversification or planning to start a clinic or hospital, you get the right persons to help you through.

Training Courses

Get access to expert-curated valuable training courses especially on global healthcare services, medical tourism, specialty management, and employee wellness. Whether it is for personal enrichment or for skill development, the courses will guide you from the scratch. Get in touch with trainers, coaches and experts from different corners of the world who will support you with tailor-made training modules at attractive rates.

Medical Concierge

Avail the best medical concierge services listed here for elderly or individual with restricted mobility or a recuperating patient needing 24X7 care support. Experience outstanding services from regular or premium concierge services to take care of all your medical and non-medical needs. Smart and efficient coordination leaving no room for complaints.

Online Workshops And Conference

Join important global medical tourism events and healthcare conferences from anywhere in any mobile device. A convenient option to enrich your network and gain knowledge and skills. Get notified about upcoming conferences and workshops on request. Even if you miss the participation, you can request for the recording.

Find Your Support Group

Join communities and groups to manage your conditions better. Manned by experts and professionals, these groups encourage and engage in purposeful interactions to serve mutual purpose. For those in healthcare business, a great opportunity to build newer business management insights and network-building.
Dr Prem Layalty Membership

Loyalty Membership Programs.

We value your membership and are happy to offer a bouquet of round-the-year loyalty programs which you can avail at a nominal fee. The programs feature:

Simple And Seamless Services

We have made things simple so that you can easily avail of any telemedicine service/support when you need it most. Get access to your requirements within just a few simple steps. However, the procedure is different for individuals and organizations. These are:
Dr Prem Online

Dr Prem E-Follow Up

Our telemedicine services and support do not end with consultation and successful completion of treatments. There are provisions for continuum of care through regular E-Follow ups which a patient can maintain especially in case of serious complications. The processes involved are:
Dr Prem Our 360° Focus

Our 360° Focus

DrPremtelemedicine ensures a superior visitor experience for whatever support or service you are looking for. Our special experience-enhancing features include:

Frequently Asked Questions

You will have to provide adequate information to the doctors enabling them to understand your problems and needs clearly. You will have to specify:

  • Details of the symptoms
  • Details of your ongoing treatments and medications.
  • Attach diagnostic reports is any

State your medical history and past relevant records if any

Yes. You can log into to your account from multiple devices like desktop, android, and IOS at a time.

Occasionally, we may offer discounts, FREE coupons or cashbacks through our various partners. The coupons and discounts can be redeemed while making the payment in the specific ‘payment’ page by clicking the Redeem option when available.

You need not worry about that. If you are not aware of which specialty to choose, our team of moderators will forward it to the right doctor or specialist.

You will be given the option to upload files in the subsequent step of posting the query or booking a consultation.
Once your query is answered, you will get an email notification regarding it. You will have to log in to your account to view the answer.
Normally, a doctor will respond as soon as he will see your query. It may take 4-8 hours on an average. For free queries, it might take a maximum of 24 hours. For common or direct queries, consider 4-8 hours response time and for top priority fast track queries it is 1 hour.
Normally, a doctor will respond as soon as he will see your query. It may take 4-8 hours on an average. For free queries, it might take a maximum of 24 hours. For common or direct queries, consider 4-8 hours response time and for top priority fast track queries it is 1 hour.
You will receive email notification after your query has been answered.
Yes. You can choose a specific doctor for video consultation from the ‘Doctors’ tab using the search function.
You can search for a specific doctor registered with us in the Doctors page of our site. You will also get options to filter your choice based on your requirements.
Our website has the option to post follow-up queries to the same doctor under the same query chain. Your profile will also show the list of all doctors that you have consulted so far. You are free to choose from them in future.
You can make your payment through Paypal Debit/Credit card (any bank).
For now, our software allows only doctors to handle all bookings/appointments. So, it’s on their discretion only whether to allow a free query or not.
You will be able to download the invoice for all payments done from the transaction page.
Yes. Our website is GDPR compliant with strict adherence to its guidelines and policies.
Since it’s strictly an online video consultation software, we don’t store any of your personal data except for the session details and cookies.